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3/1/98 Game

The "khaki" team is the last team we play before the tournament. Oddly enough, we shall be playing this same team on Wednesday in the first round of the play-in tournament for the "real" tournament. Because we finished in one of the last 5 places, this turns out to be our fate. "Army green", as I affectionately call the khaki team, has two Koreans on it. Jason is on a field trip with a choir group. We play with eight players. We make a lot of turnovers. Still, our offense is pretty good. We're up 12-2 after 4 minutes of play. Peter makes some unbelievable shots, including a literal line-drive 3 pointer. Patrick is also attempting 3 pointers from all around the arc; unfortuantely, none of them are going in. Matt is finally learning to play power forward and actaully begins to like it because he gets a multitude of easy points. Chris makes a spectacular three point shot just as the half ends. We're up by only 5 at halftime. Anthony fouls out again playing defense like a beast - I need to tell him to take charges. Andrew is quick, but he doesn't have the ball handling abilities - yet. Abe isn't shooting as well as the last game, but he does start driving the lane. Adam doesn't get any easy shots today, but he plays well. However, the khaki team plays better. They're given too many open looks at the basket, especially from 3 point range. They make their open shots and end up winning by six points. Most of the players stop over at McDonald's with me. I tell them we should win the game on Wednesday against this same team. I really believe it.