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2/22/98 Game

The "navy blue" team is our next opponent. Peter Gurrero is on this team. We play good, tough man-to-man defense in the beginning. The lead changes hands multiple times, with neither team getting more than a 3 point advantage. Jason Gwaltney hustles and rebounds alot. Matt Michel is figuring out that at 6'1", he can get rebounds, too. Anthony is terrorizing the other team on defense and scaring them even more on offense with turnaround jumpers. We're winning by 6 at halftime. Peter is making some really nice shots. Abe's shooting has improved dramatically as he rains in 13 points. Adam again makes some spectacular passes to please the crowd. Chris is back from skiing and he does a good job of protecting the ball while bringing it upcourt. We lead by 11 with just over 2 minutes to go. Anthony fouls out with a cursing tirade. We get a technical for it. Andrew then fouls a guy as he makes a 3 pointer and the 4 point play is completed. Patrick and Chris make a slew of 3 pointers to hold them off. I think the kids had a lot of fun. We end up winning.