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2/15/98 Game

The "strawberry" team is next on our schedule. Max Cabrera is on this team. Rigain has quit, so we play without him. Peter and Chris both are not here. Andrew Dipoala (aka Mono Boy) has re-appeared from his long bout of illness. We play man-to-man with seven people, which tires us out. Still, we jump out to an impressive lead of 10 points by halftime. We got stone cold shooting the ball early in the second half. They catch us near the end of the game. They actually have us on the losing end by 13 points with 5 minutes to go. We employ the 1-3-1 full court press defense and smother them for a while. We get within 9 points after 2 quick turnovers. Unfortunately, they get a couple of easy breaks on the press and we lose. Patrick had a couple of nice drives and 3-pointers. Adam made some clutch shots down the line. Matt started shooting well instead of driving all the time. Jason was a monster as usual, rebounding and fast breaking. Abe played some awesome defense by playing total denial on whoever he was covering. Mr. Dipoala was pretty fast for a guy recovering from mononucleosis. Before he got into foul trouble, Anthony ate alive the lane and scored a slew of points.