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2/8/98 Game

We play the early game against the Fuscia colored team. Rigain is playing again, but his role is limited because of the knee. I implement an offense that utilizes our abilities as much as we can. I come up with a plan for playing all of our players the same amount of time while keeping the last six minutes for our "top" players. We're down by 13 at halftime. I don't re-shuffle the line-up at any time. We end up losing by 4 points. Anthony had a heck of a game. So did most of the others. Matt made layups like a madman. I think he had over 20 points. Peter and Adam made all of their open shots. Patrick was off on his 3 pointers, but he drove really well. Abe got alot of box-outs and rebounds and getting the job done underneath. Chris had only 1 turnover. Jason was a monster as usual. We're playing hard and smart, so I don't worry too much.