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2/1/98 Game

We play Mr. Becker's team. They're tied for second place. We start with the man-to-man defense and fall behind by 5 points. We quickly switch to the match-up zone defense and end up doing really well. Rigain shows up late. We try to suit him up, but don't have an extra jersey. I didn't sign him into the book, so we end up getting a technical foul to get him in. Jason Gwaltney is tearing it up on the boards and getting some easy layup opportunities. Peter Cullen hits some really crucial shots to keep us in the game. I didn't have a substitution plan, so we're all messed up for the rest of the half. We're behind by 5 points at halftime. Patrick Johnson is doing everything by making some really hard shots and getting difficult rebounds, but we still fall behind by 13 as I still can't get a smooth sub plan going. We put in Anthony Burke and he ends up clogging up the middle on defense and makes easy layups on offense. I pull Anthony out and put in Rigain. He makes three 3-pointers and we're only down by 3. I pull him out, too. We end up losing by 7.