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1/25/98 Game

We play Mr. Edwards' team. We haven't beaten them in three years, and we usually play them 2-3 times a year. All three of our point guards, Chris Black, Patrick Johnson, and Trevor Barry, are not here. We stick Matt Michel as our point guard. He gets by. Jason Gwantley showed up late, so I have to bench him. Matt, Adam Anderson, Anthony Burke, Peter Cullen, and Abe Gray are our starters. Andrew Dipaola still has mono. From the beginning tip, it's a very close game. At the end of 5 minutes of play, it is only 4-4. Everyone knows each other, so it's like a heavyweight fighting match. No one blinks. They are winning 26-25 at halftime. Our lack of depth is starting to show. Our guys get tired and we are slowing down. They have three players on their bench and we only have one. With 3 minutes left, our big man, Anthony Burke, fouls out. Unfortunately, he lets his emotions get the better of him and he ends up getting a technical while cursing and leaving the floor. They hit both shots. With no choice, we run the man-to-man defense to try to force a turnover. Our team doesn't respond well and they make a couple of uncontested shots. We end up losing, 54-47. It would have been a nice game to enjoy as a fan.