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1/18/98 Game

We play the undefeated first place team. We fall behind quickly by 7 points. We're playing good man-to-man defense and all their points are off of our turnovers. I call timeout to tell our guys that we are going to win if we take care of the ball. We stop the turnovers and start scoring points. Patrick Johnson's 3 point attempts are not going in today, unfortunately. Chris Black does an excellent job of taking care of the ball early. We start playing the 2-1-2 matchup zone when Anthony Burke gets in halfway through the 1st half. He is a defensive and scoring maniac. Adam Anderson, the small forward, is the leading scorer at the end of the first half. Matt Michel is walking and travelling more than Lewis and Clark. Fortuantely, the refs give him the benefit of the doubt. Abe Gray's right ankle is almost 100% and he shows it. His rebounding keeps us in the game the first half. Jason Gwaltney is the beast he usually is, getting easy points off the fast break. Down by 26-23, we start the second half. It goes back and forth during the entire second half as we keep playing our matchup zone. We're staying patient on offense and using ball reversal to flash the gaps in their zone defense. With just over 4 minutes remaining and the score tied, the play of the game occurs. As the other team attempts to pass on a ball reversal, Adam Anderson jumps the passing lane, then steals the ball and passes a beautiful lob to Chris Black for a layup. We steal the ball again as they try to get out of the backcourt and the close game is blown wide open. We get another basket during transition and have a 6 point lead with less than 4 minutes to go. The rest of the game turns into a foul fest. We make just enough free throws to escape with a 53-47 win.